Nourish Your Body With Vitamin-Infused Hydration Drips

No need to leave your home to reap the benefits of IV hydration therapy. Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ residents can simply book an appointment with us online, and we’ll go to your location.

Myers Matrix | $170

The Myers’ Cocktail was developed by Baltimore physician John Myers. He had a large roster of patients with a variety of chronic ailments – all who seemed to have great success receiving weekly or bi-weekely IV injections of the vitamin blend. In 1984 Dr. Myers passed away, and his former patients’s health began to fail. The new physician started pouring over patient charts, and realized the common denominator was the weekly IV vitamin therapy! He restarted the IV therapy regimen, and their health improved once again, leading him to start researching and promoting the “Myers’ Cocktail” as the IV therapy gold standard.

We start with a base of 1 liter of alkalizing fluids + balanced electrolytes to rehydrate properly and prevent the acidic effects of regular saline. We then add our most popular vitamins & supplements: B Complex, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc & Glutathione.

These 6 supplements work together to replenish and restore your body’s vitamin, mineral & antioxidant stores. Wake up the next morning feeling fresh & new!

The fluids, vitamins & supplements bypass your digestion, making this blend especially helpful for those who have impaired digestion and may not effectively assimilate oral vitamin therapy. People with Celiac Disease, low stomach acid or GI disorders, as well as the elderly, often are unable to absorb many over-the-counter supplements. IV vitamin therapy makes it possible to replenish these stores with optimal absorption.

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Pre-Game | $179

Preventative Additives – Don’t do well with hangovers? Best friends coming to town for the weekend? You need this drip to survive. 

1 liter of Fluid infused with vitamins and antioxidants, headache, nausea and anti- heartburn medicine combined with a B12 shot. This is the perfect preventative drip so you can party like your college days.

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Workout Recovery | $199

When living the life of a true athlete proper nutrition and hydration are always key to having optimal performance. Our Workout Recovery IV drip here at Cure is loaded with amino acids and essential vitamins and nutrients that give your body what it needs to support your entire body and cardiovascular system through the rigors of high output exercise and lifestyles.

Our unique combinations of BCAA’s which include Glutamine, Ornithine, Citrulline, Carnitine and Taurine. These unique BCAAs help with maintaining and building muscle, combat overtraining and fatigue which are both commonly associated with active individuals. BCAA’a can also help regulate blood sugar and combat the build up of excessive lactic acid, decrease muscle soreness, assist in increasing metabolism and can help in avoiding those irritating muscle cramps associated with heavy workout routines.

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Detox & Cleanse Infusion | $189

The Detox & Cleanse Infusion is amazing for anti-aging properties, along with enhancing skin and hair health, supporting the liver, reducing inflammation and oxidation, improving overall cognitive function and restoring vital nutrients, electrolytes and minerals.

Our Infusion includes high doses of Vitamin C which is amazing for inflammation reduction and antioxidant support. Vitamin C also helps fight infection from viruses along with stimulating collagen production. Also included is our master antioxidant Glutathione. Every cell in the body uses Glutathione to repair and regenerate.  This also helps with liver repair and overall health. Alpha lipoic acid is an ingredient in our infusion that is a powerful natural antioxidant which aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels, helps with blood flow and improves overall nerve function. We also include additional vitamins and nutrients such as Trace Minerals, B-complex, Calcium, Arginine and Selenium which is incredible for vasodilation and Nitric Oxide production along with improving Thyroid function.

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Resurrection | $229

Serious Drinkers Only! – 2 Liters of total IV Fluid which replenishes 50% of your total fluid in your body. This premium drip boost included the 11 vital nutrients found in the Standard Hangover Drip, with the addition of 1L of Lactated Ringers, and high dose Glutathione which is the master anti-oxidant known for clearing free radicals & optimizing liver function. You can also select a medical booster of your choice for nausea, pain or inflammation relief. This drip provides our highest level of hydration and liver detoxification.

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Royal Recovery | $399

Need doc to write script – When you come to the professionals at Cure Wellness for ultimate recovery, look no further than our Royalty Recovery IV! Great for boosting energy and boosting workout capacity, increasing metabolism and endurance, strengthening the immune system, alleviating brain fog, alleviating hangovers, reviving your total wellness and replenishing important electrolytes and nutrients for a complete recovery.

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