Cure Wellness IV Bag - Ageless Wonder
Cure Wellness IV Bag - Ageless Wonder


Feel and Look Amazing With the Ageless Wonder Drip


Regain that glow you once had and start feeling young again with our Ageless Wonder IV drip. This IV is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants that are combined to promote healthy skin, hair and nails, along with optimal liver function, detoxification and support for your cardiovascular system and brain function.

Vitamin C in high doses can help with collagen production, help repair wounds along with scars through its regenerative cell properties. Our master antioxidant Glutathione is added for restoring ideal skin pigmentation, and complexion. Our unique ingredient Biotin which is hard to find anywhere else is an important beauty vitamin which aids in healthy skin, hair and nails. Additional nutrients have been combined such as Selenium, Calcium, Trace Minerals and B-Complex so you will start looking and feeling your best!

The Ageless Wonder IV drip takes 45-60 minutes and is recommended 2-4 times per month to help achieve optimal results. It is recommended to get the Ageless Wonder treatment at least 4-6 times to start seeing the best results, and to continue maintenance treatments monthly for long lasting results.

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