Cure Wellness IV Bag - Detox & Cleanse Infusion Drip
Cure Wellness IV Bag - Detox & Cleanse Infusion Drip


Support Your Wellness With Our Detox and Cleanse Infusion


The Detox & Cleanse Infusion is amazing for anti-aging properties, along with enhancing skin and hair health, supporting the liver, reducing inflammation and oxidation, improving overall cognitive function and restoring vital nutrients, electrolytes and minerals.

Our Infusion includes high doses of Vitamin C which is amazing for inflammation reduction and antioxidant support. Vitamin C also helps fight infection from viruses along with stimulating collagen production. Also included is our master antioxidant Glutathione. Every cell in the body uses Glutathione to repair and regenerate.  This also helps with liver repair and overall health. Alpha lipoic acid is an ingredient in our infusion that is a powerful natural antioxidant which aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels, helps with blood flow and improves overall nerve function. We also include additional vitamins and nutrients such as Trace Minerals, B-complex, Calcium, Arginine and Selenium which is incredible for vasodilation and Nitric Oxide production along with improving Thyroid function.

The Detox & Cleanse IV take 45-60 minutes to drip and here at Cure we recommend anywhere from 2-4 times a month for optimal health or as needed.

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