Cure Wellness IV Bag - Myers Matrix Drip
Cure Wellness IV Bag - Myers Matrix Drip


Myers Matrix Vitamin Therapy Drip


The Myers’ Cocktail was developed by Baltimore physician John Myers. He had a large roster of patients with a variety of chronic ailments – all who seemed to have great success receiving weekly or bi-weekely IV injections of the vitamin blend. In 1984 Dr. Myers passed away, and his former patients’s health began to fail. The new physician started pouring over patient charts, and realized the common denominator was the weekly IV vitamin therapy! He restarted the IV therapy regimen, and their health improved once again, leading him to start researching and promoting the “Myers’ Cocktail” as the IV therapy gold standard.

We start with a base of 1 liter of alkalizing fluids + balanced electrolytes to rehydrate properly and prevent the acidic effects of regular saline. We then add our most popular vitamins & supplements: B Complex, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc & Glutathione.

These 6 supplements work together to replenish and restore your body’s vitamin, mineral & antioxidant stores. Wake up the next morning feeling fresh & new!

The fluids, vitamins & supplements bypass your digestion, making this blend especially helpful for those who have impaired digestion and may not effectively assimilate oral vitamin therapy. People with Celiac Disease, low stomach acid or GI disorders, as well as the elderly, often are unable to absorb many over-the-counter supplements. IV vitamin therapy makes it possible to replenish these stores with optimal absorption.

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