Cure Wellness IV Bag - Royal Recovery Drip
Cure Wellness IV Bag - Royal Recovery Drip


Feel Refreshed and Ready for Anything With the Royal Recovery Drip


When you come to the professionals at Cure Wellness for ultimate recovery, look no further than our Royalty Recovery IV!

Great for boosting energy and boosting workout capacity, increasing metabolism and endurance, strengthening the immune system, alleviating brain fog, alleviating hangovers, reviving your total wellness and replenishing important electrolytes and nutrients for a complete recovery.

With 5 incredible grams of Vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant when infused in an IV, also with Glutathione added, these nutrients help clean the cells and create a detoxifying effect, removing oxidation, supporting vital organs, restoring immune functions, and reducing overall inflammation. We also include a combination of B vitamins and several other minerals such as Magnesium for overall mood and cognitive function along with muscle and nerve functions. Finally we include Toradol and Zofran at the end to help alleviate body aches and pain, and eliminate any signs and symptoms of nausea and or vomiting.

This infusion will increase overall longevity and boost your wellness needs so you can go about your day feeling incredible!

This drip will take approximately 45 minutes to infuse and is safe to take up to 4 times per month or as needed.





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