Cure Wellness IV Bag - Workout Recovery Drip
Cure Wellness IV Bag - Workout Recovery Drip


Workout Recovery Drip: Your Partner in Your Fitness Journey


When living the life of a true athlete proper nutrition and hydration are always key to having optimal performance. Our Workout Recovery IV drip here at Cure is loaded with amino acids and essential vitamins and nutrients that give your body what it needs to support your entire body and cardiovascular system through the rigors of high output exercise and lifestyles.

Our unique combinations of BCAA’s which include Glutamine, Ornithine, Citrulline, Carnitine and Taurine. These unique BCAAs help with maintaining and building muscle, combat overtraining and fatigue which are both commonly associated with active individuals. BCAA’a can also help regulate blood sugar and combat the build up of excessive lactic acid, decrease muscle soreness, assist in increasing metabolism and can help in avoiding those irritating muscle cramps associated with heavy workout routines.

Other vital nutrients included are Magnesium which helps with muscle relaxation, Zinc for overall immune health, Arginine for vasodilation, cardiovascular health and nitric oxide production and B-Complex for energy, inflammation reduction and replenishing important nutrients that are lost during those hard workouts.

Our Workout Recovery takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes and is recommended 2-4 times per month or as needed for your optimal workout recovery routine.

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