Cure Wellness IV Bag - Migraine Drip
Cure Wellness IV Bag - Migraine Drip


Banish Headache Pain With Our Migraine Wellness Drip


Find immediate relief with our Migraine drip. Migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches and other chronic, severe forms of headaches can prevent you from living life your way. Our Migraine drip can help relieve your symptoms, so you can get cured and back to life. We add a large dose of Magnesium – shown in clinical trials to actually reduce migraine attacks, as well as B Complex as B2 has been shown in European studies to help prevent migraines.

We also include medications in this blend to pack a fast punch. Torodol (non-narcotic NSAID) is added to address pain, Zofran is added as anti-nausea, and Benedryl can be added depending on your needs.

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