Cure Wellness IV Bag - Recovery Drip
Cure Wellness IV Bag - Recovery Drip


Banish Fatigue and Boost Energy With the Recovery Wellness Drip


The Boss IV vitamin therapy is designed as a multivitamin booster to alleviate fatigue and improve recovery time, helping to feel restored, rejuvenated, and renewed, all while giving you an overall energy boost. This scientifically blended IV vitamin therapy boost comes to your rescue when you feel run down from daily life-work, travel, kids, and more. Replenish your body with The Boss IV vitamin therapy to get back to feeling at the top of your game in no time!

This IV vitamin therapy can also be paired with additional vitamin boosters, added to the IV drip or administered as a shot. If The IV Drip the Boss has something you don’t want or need, consider starting with the standard version and adding an additional booster of your choice to customize the therapy for your needs.

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